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Wella FUSION Intense Repair Mask. Formulated with Silksteel Fusion Program that helps to provide up to 95% more resilience against breakage*. Especially designed for damaged hair, this professional Mask helps to protect hair against future mechanical damage and breakage that may occur during combing. Wella Intense Repair hair Mask formulated with silk amino acids leaves hair feeling cared and helps to increase resilience against breakage. With elegant and luxurious oriental woody fragrance.FUSION Care Line is Wella Professionals’ 1st instant and long lasting hair care recovery regimen from salon to home. Formulated with Silksteel, the fusion of silk amino acids and micronised lipids, Fusion products repair damaged hair and help to provide for up to 95% more resilience against breakage*.SILKSTEEL FUSION PROGRAM. Inspired by spider silk, one of the strongest fibres in nature, our innovative formula is a fusion of silk amino acids and micronised lipids. It penetrates the hair deep down the cortex and instantly restructures hair fibre at micro and macro levels. Even the most damaged hair feels renewed, smooth, elastic and resilient against breakage.INSIDE HAIR:Two amino acids penetrate deep into hair cortex, refilling the hair.OUTSIDE HAIR:Shampoo’s EDDS technology removes metallic impurities via antioxidant action. Micronised lipids provide instant wet conditioning. Silksteel Fusion program protects the hair from further damage.THE NEXT DIMENSION IN HAIR RECOVERY. FOR UP TO 95% MORE RESILIENCE AGAINST BREAKAGE** Vs. non-conditioning shampoo.

Fusion Intense Repair Mask

SKU: 10000001085
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