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I have 18 year's experience in the hair industry, having qualified in South Africa and then moved to London for 2 years to gain more experience

After getting back from London I worked on local soap operas and eventually opened and ran my own Hair salon for 7 years before immigrating to New Zealand in 2019 and calling it home.


I have always had a passion for hair and people. 


Now I am stepping into my new role as Salon Manager to share and teach all my knowledge for future enthusiastic hairdressers and to create a beautiful environment for clients.



I started in the industry at the age of 17 in Brazil where I found my passion for cutting and colouring.  I have traveled to the USA, Canada, Chile, & Argentina to upskill myself during my 33 years of experience. 


I was a salon owner for the last 8 years before deciding to move to New zealand.  When I first visited New Zealand in 2018 I knew I wanted to come back to experience more about the culture, work and learn to speak English. 


I speak Portuguese fluently and have a good understanding of Spanish.  In my free time I love cycling all over Auckland and cooking great food.  

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